i cry over my otp and mcr in general. i drink too much coffee and read even more.

was chokesoftly


gabriel garcía márquez passed away and i’m so upset i’m fu cking crying fuc king why

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needles why

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can somebody recommend me a good movie with a good soundtrack pls??

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The Used — Lies for the Liars
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The Used | Paralyzed

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priest!gerard for frnakiero ✞

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Anonymous asked:
well i as a woman think that men are represented as complete assholes. what you're doing is stereotyping. you know, that thing that women has fought against for years? don't fight hate with hate.

i hate stereotypes. i hate when people force stereotypes into our culture so they make us feel like we need to be this or that way to be able to be called whatever label. but stereotypes are useful, in cases like this.

there are many people who don’t fit into an stereotype and that’s fucking awesome. they shouldn’t conform to one if they don’t want to. so, when someone attacks an stereotype, if you don’t fit into that stereotype, they’re not attacking you. do you feel attacked? then you probably fit into that stereotype, at least a little bit.

i take things personally. sometimes i see a true accusation towards a group/stereotype i belong in and i feel bad, i feel guilty. but that doesn’t mean i am guilty of it. i know, under that feeling of guilt, that i am not contributing to this problem so i’m not the one being attacked. i recognize that. so i don’t comment on it or try to defend myself, because it’s not attacking me.

you are entitled to whatever kind of thinking you have. it’s okay. but i don’t agree with it. that is your point of view, and this is mine. that’s all.

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Lauren Zuniga- Confessions Of An Uneducated Queer

"Everything I know about being a good queer, I learned from poets. Poets are cheaper than college."

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i love how in every fucking poem/discussion that talks about men being the major cause of a problem (rape culture/patriarchy/etc) there’s ALWAYS at least one man saying: ‘yeah, some men are like that but not ALL MEN’

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